Drywall Calc Pro Select 1.12

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Drywall Calc Pro Select-

This easy to use Drywall Calculator will give you all the material estimates you need to do the job:

-# of panels needed
-joint compound
-# and lbs. of fasteners
-primer and adhesive

Inputs are room length, width, height (or total size) and panel size.

Support for US and Metric Measurement Input and Outputs.
Values are entered in:
-feet, inches and fractions of an inch
-meters and centimeters

Other useful information is also displayed.

You can share your results via email, or copy them to the clipboard to paste into your records.

About this calculator-
The highly acclaimed Android construction calculators and estimators from the app "Handy Construction Calculators" are being released individually in a Pro Select series. These calculators are tried and true, and have been used by over 10, 000 Android users. By releasing the Pro Select series, you are now able to simply buy only the construction calculator you are most interested in at a value price. Of course if you want the whole set of over 25 calculators, please search for "Handy Construction Calculators" in the Market.

Please send any feedback to support@sidetop.com. I am always grateful to hear from my customers. Some of my best ideas have come from you!

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